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Child Survival Program

The Child Survival Program cares for infants and preschoolers needs.

By the age of five, the battle to build a child’s personality is basically over. Yet conventional sponsorship programs don’t even take effect until the first grade.

That’s why Compassion is determined to reach children earlier; even before they are born.

In far too many countries, prenatal care is based solely on ancient traditions; traditions that may do more harm than good. So it’s no wonder that more than 585,000 women die each year from pregnancy-related problems. And many of the babies who survive these pregnancies have severe health problems of their own.

The Child Survival Program enables Compassion to offer prenatal care so women can have healthy pregnancies and deliver thriving babies. From prenatal care, they move on to infant health care, social skill development, preschool education, language instruction; whatever it takes to make sure these boys and girls reach the first grade, sound of mind and strong in body.

For more information about Compassion's Child Survival Program and other Special Funds go to https://www.compassion.ca/moms-and-babies/

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