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Missionaries in Honduras have a special story to tell. However, their stories would be untold and their work would not be done if it were not for the generous hearts of Canadians who have invested in Missionaries and their Mission Field work either with their finances, their giving, their caring, their thoughts or their prayers. This is a special invitation for you to come and join us on VisionQuest where you will have the opportunity to hear the stories of the Honduran Missionaries first hand.

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As you journey with us on VisionQuest, our desire is that you capture the vision of and see the need for our Ministry to Missionaries and their mission projects. You will experience:

  • Helping to serve food to the children in a Feeding Center
  • Spend time with the Missionaries over a meal (Canadian and local Honduran)
  • Celebrating the gifting of  supplies to various mission projects.

VisionQuest will give you a sense of purpose, wholeness, and a clear opportunity for you to support the vision of "His Secret Place - A Ministry to Missionaries" as you walk along side the Missionaries' journeys and hear the heart of their callings.

The Coffee Online Project is a fundraiser of the International Alliance for Missions (IAM) that helps feed the children of Honduras and also helps support "His Secret Place - A Ministry to Missionaries" where Missionaries from around the world, like those that help the needy children of Honduras, get away from their challenging mission work for respite and rest. The mandate of His Secret Place is to establish a physical facility to house Missionaries for respite care and spiritual uplifting between and after their trips to the Mission Field.

Participants in VisionQuest will have a first hand look at the Children's Feeding Program supported by IAM’s Coffee Online Project and hear the stories of Missionaries serving in Honduras. If the finances are available, received through donations, VisionQuest will also celebrate the gifting of a new home to a needy family. Cost: $2,500.00 USD. Here is your opportunity to personally audit your investment in the Honduran Mission Field and its Missionaries.

Help us ignite the people in your circle of influence to engage in IAM's Mission and introduce to them different possibilities as to how they, too, can help in the Coffee Online Project that will be a resource for feeding children and for His Secret Place - A Ministry to Missionaries. If you are interested in participating in VisionQuest please reply via the email address below or to access the Online Application Form click HERE.  If there is anyone you feel should receive a special invitation to join us for VisionQuest, please forward their names so we may confirm their interest.


Derm Westcott
1-888-913-2561 x 3