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FairWay Coffee

Do you want your coffee to have an impact – to make a difference? 

FairWay Coffee is a responsible, socially conscious venture to trade coffee and use the profits to help the impoverished people of developing countries.

Coffee is the largest traded commodity of many coffee growing countries.  We believe that the people of these countries should receive benefits from the sale of this commodity.  FairWay Coffee does more than concentrate charitable giving to one sector of society.  We also believe in helping other needy people from the sale of FairWay Coffee. We call this a fair way to do business.

Through our partners, who have direct relationships with the people through their social programs, we are able to help deprived children, their families and their care-givers.

For example, in most cases, the poor people of Honduras do not benefit from the sale of their most popular export - coffee.  International Alliance for Missions, Inc. changes that through the feeding program and other mission programs of our Mission Partners.  From the sale of our coffee, our Mission Partners assist the people by providing them with food, clothing, potable water, health care, and education.

We believe this is a fair way to trade coffee.

All our coffee is 100% Arabica FairWay Certified.