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Our Coffee

Manos de Cafe is our own coffee brand.  Translated, it means "coffee hands".  We are reminded of the hands of children as they reach out to receive food that has been provided because you have purchased our coffee.

All our coffee is 100% Arabica, roasted to perfection. Packaged in 1 pound, zip-lock, gas-valved bags. We have three selections to choose from that comes in your preference of whole bean or ground.

Honduran French Roast
Our Honduran French Roast is a great choice to enjoy with your favourite sweet dessert. Enjoy a full flavour with a rewarding aftertaste and chocolate overtones. It’s the ideal pick for coffee lovers who appreciate a full-bodied brew.


Honduran Full City Roast
Honduran Full City Roast is our signature coffee. Grown at a high altitude, this coffee has a full body with light acidity and hints of caramel accents. It’s an excellent choice for the connoisseur seeking a distinctive taste without a bitter edge. Join our host of customers who will drink nothing else but our Full City Roast.


Premium Decaf
Our Premium Decaf Coffee selection will cause you to second guess if it is decaf! Our customers come away with a satisfying coffee experience without sacrificing the true flavour of their favourite evening drink.