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Coffee Club Agreement

Coffee Club Policy: To qualify as a coffee club member you must agree to order at least 12 consecutive monthly shipments from the date of your first order. When paying by credit card, the expiry date on your card must be at least 12 months later than the date of purchase.

In the unlikely event that you request to cancel your membership early, you will be charged a pro-rated administration fee not to exceed $40.00, dependent on the maturity of your club membership.  (Example: If you were to cancel after six months as a member you would be charged a $20.00 administration fee.) This fee compensates for the loss in revenue used to support our mission projects and any special gift offers you may have received. Applying for coffee membership by choosing one of our coffee club options automatically puts this policy in force.

Note: Once you have been a Coffee Club member for one year you no longer are subject to the cancellation fee.

Special offers are only available to new club members and cannot be combined with any other offer.

You may change your coffee preferences at any time simply by advising us via telephone or e-mail. Changing your monthly coffee selection does not affect your membership even if you reduce your coffee order. However, if you reduce your coffee order and you received a special gift offer on initial sign-up you may be subject to a small pro-rated administration fee. Please allow ten days for us to process your change of order request.

If you have any questions please call our service desk at 1-888-913-2561 or email admin@coffeeonline.org .